Monday, April 30, 2012

Broad Street a go go

This sunday will be the Blue Cross Broadstreet Run. This year, the race sold out in 5 hours! Luckily, I sat on my computer for 2 hours and I was able to sign up myself, my friend Becky, and my brother Tyler. My cousin will also be running. Last year, if you remember, my family and I went down to cheer her on. I wasn't able to run, because the sign up was the day I left for Asia. This year, there were no excuses. Now with my second half marathon behind me, I am ready for this 10 miler. Fast and flat, it will be an awesome experience. I am looking forward to running with my family, and Becky. It should be a great time. If you are running broad street, good luck! See you all at the starting line! Check out my link below to last years blog about Broad Street! 

Last Years Blog about Broad Street

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saint Lukes 1/2 marathon

This morning was the Saint Lukes 1/2 marathon that has been a sore spot on my calendar for months. It was actually quite fun although I must admit that 13 miles felt a little longer then I remembered it being. I did run past Hans during the race, and he was doing really well. It was nice to see a familiar face. I also saw the police officer from my building at work, who was literally killing it. I think he even won for his age group. I did have to make a few emergency calls, one to my cousin and one to Becky. While I was in the parkway, I saw a man who was jogging backwards encouraging his girl friend to run faster. They were my entertainment for the last 3 miles. I think if there weren't so many people around, she would have punched him in the face. But he persisted, trying to make her smile and run faster while she glared at him and cursed under her breath. I am glad I did the race, although it would have been a lot more bearable had I actually trained for it! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Making decisions isn't usually my favorite thing to do. This week, my decision was to run or not to run the half marathon tomorrow. I ended up polling a lot of people, and the consensus was there was really no choice, but to run. So, naturally last night I ended up at the bar. Before I knew it, one drink turned into six and by the time the morning came, I had picked up a one way ticket to Hangover city. Nothing like prepping for a big race, by drinking two days before. You can guess i spent literally the entire day in bed unable to move. I did manage to make it across town to pick up my race packet and Bib number. My cousin gave me a pep talk this afternoon and I am feeling about as good as one can for not training. If I do really bad, theres nobody to blame but me. I am hoping there are a few walkers out there so at least I am not last. See you at the starting line. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

The [Badass] Boston Marathon

Running 26.2 miles is not something that should be taken lightly. In fact, some might argue that its just as difficult to give birth, or pass up an extra scoop of ice cream. All kidding aside, there is something very special about the Boston Marathon that deserves some attention. The Boston Marathon is without a doubt one of the most valued marathons in the United States due to its heavy traditions and difficult qualifying times. The Boston Marathon first began in 1897 and is held annually, on Patriots day (the third Monday in April) in Boston. The BAA hosts the race each year, boasting strict qualifying times to enter the race. 
Boston Marathon
Qualifying Standards
(effective for 2013 race)
18–343hrs 5min3 hrs 35min
35–393hrs 10min3 hrs 40min
40–443hrs 15min3 hrs 45min
45–493hrs 25min3 hrs 55min
50–543hrs 30min4 hrs 0min
55–593hrs 40min4 hrs 10min
60–643hrs 55min4 hrs 25min
65–694hrs 10min4 hrs 40min
70–744hrs 25min4 hrs 55min
75–794hrs 40min5 hrs 10min
80+4hrs 55min5 hrs 25min 

The course runs through 26.2 miles of winding roads.  The race runs through eight Massachusetts cities and towns: Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick,Wellesley, Newton, Brookline and Boston.  Boston also boasts of the ever famous, Heartbreak hill. This hill, drops 150- ft in a half mile stretch, which forces many lesser trained runners to a walking pace. 

The nickname "Heartbreak Hill" originated with an incident in the 1936 race. On this stretch, defending champion John A. Kelley caught race leader Ellison "Tarzan" Brown, giving Brown a consolatory pat on the shoulder as he passed. His competitive drive apparently stoked by this gesture, Tarzan Brown rallied, pulled away from Kelley, and went on to win—in the words of Boston Globe reporter Jerry Nason, "breaking Kelley's heart." 

Today, those lucky enough to compete in Boston, leave knowing that they raced with some of the best. You also get a killer unicorn medal at the finish, and everyone knows the metal is where its at. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beach Bodies tips and tricks for summer.

As a teacher, I am always counting down the days till school is out. With summer just around the corner, I cant help but feel the pressure of the ever plaguing bathing suit season. This year, I have been pretty diligent with working out and trying to eat right. I do try to frequent the gym regularly, but I think that everyone can agree, even with the gym sometimes you need an extra boost. Diet of course comes into play. But aside from that there are some other things you can do to get beach ready! I spent the better part of the day yesterday researching potential diets as well as methods to become beach ready. Here are some options to get you ready for summer. 

Diet Recommendations
1. ABS Diet for Women- I followed this diet with great success in the past. Its based on eating healthy small meals 6 times a day. It is easy to follow and also provides you with efficient work out exercises as well as recipes. They also offer an online component to help provide food options and strength training options. Its your basic, lean meats, beans whole grains type of eating plan.

2. GI diet- I used this diet when I was done with college and realized I was a whale. This diet does require a lot of discipline, but it also works. Its basic premise is low to no sugars. It organizes all foods depending on sugars and gives them a green, yellow or red code. Green of course, means go ahead and eat as much as you like, yellow are for occasional consumption and red means no go. I did enjoy the results of this diet, but it was a very boring diet because the foods were limited that you could eat. 

Skin firming Lotion Recommendations
1. Fat girl Slim- I reviewed this lotion heavily on line and could come up with only good things about it. It appears to work with frequent use and the results are noticible. The only downside is that when you stop using it, your skin will eventually go back to where it was. Perfect for beach season.

2. Skin tight- this lotion is more expensive but has good reviews and results as well. Its recommended by plastic surgeons for clients to try before they commit to surgery. This lotion is on the expensive side, but the reviews speak for themselves. It works. 

Last minute tips and tricks
1. Cut back on carbs and alcohol 
2. Eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day
3. Exercise without rewarding yourself with food!
4. Make sure you have a bathing suit that flatters your body type.
5. Get a fake tan to look more toned.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Procrastinate right up until the date!

With April almost over, and race season well underway, I cant help but check my calendar for upcoming events. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers and house warmings are all on the horizon. I even scheduled a few 5ks throughout the spring. Aside from these exciting events, one thing has been looming on my calendar since January- April 29th The Saint Lukes 1/2 marathon. Let me rewind for a moment- I signed up for this gem, before even completing my marathon. I thought, at the time, whats another 13.1 after you have done 26.2? Now, I find myself in the grips of no training and 13 miles around the corner. Apparently, I thought I was a running machine at the time, because aside from this, the following week I have the Broad Street 10 miler!!!! Now, any runner knows, you will most likely be sore for a few days after a long run, especially if you have been out of the loop for a while. So now I am guessing at the age old question, can you run 13 miles with no training? I will let you know next week. I suppose I could not go, or just pick up the shirt and pretend I ran, but theres no glory in that. I have a feeling this one will be a lesson learned the hard way- NO TRAIN= NO GAIN I will keep you posted! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Run for Hunger Philadelphia

Last weekend I ran in the Race for Hunger with my brother. It was his first 5k, and it was glorious! He did a great job. We stuck together and crossed the finish line. Please check out the organizers website to learn more about Philadelphia food banks and services. There are lots of ways to help out. If you live in the area, in July, Back on My Feet hosts a 20 in 24 race, where you can do a pajama 5k, the midnight 8 miler or the lone ranger where you run for 24 hours straight. Check out pictures from our race below! 

Back on my feet

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fitness, Stamina and Fighting Cancer. A readers contribution article from David Haas

Recently, a reader of my post contacted me to share an article that he had written regarding cancer and the benefits that exercise can have on those patients. Below you will find an article written by David Haas that I more then happily offered to share upon his request. I think you will find the article both interesting and powerful. Its amazing how exercise can impact your health and increase positive benefits even when you are fighting specific health problems. I think everyone in some way, has known someone who has battled cancer. Personally, Its something that I can relate to and i think this could be beneficial information to many! 

Physical Fitness Enhances Health and Stamina to Fight Cancer

Physical fitness regimens have many proven benefits, and many exercise plans target specific health problems ranging from heart disease to stroke. Cancer-prevention benefits have been statistically proven by multiple studies because physical exercise enhances overall health and strengthens the immune system. People undergoing cancer treatment or those who have begun remission can also benefit tremendously from a regular routine of exercise.

 Most people do not enjoy exercise when completely healthy, and weakened cancer patients may find the idea of exercise overwhelming, but that is why the activity is so essential. The mental benefit alone makes the decision a viable choice. Cancer patients who exercise increase their energy levels and help marshal the body’s resources. Patients avoid additional health problems that weaken defenses. Activity generates a sense of security and fights depression, which is a good part of the battle. The increased quality of life is a benefit independent of any effect on the cancer treatment.

 Regular exercise creates a longer life expectancy, and allows practitioners to live healthier lives. Exercise is proven to prevent some cancers such as breast and rectal cancer, and many researchers believe it decreases the chances of lung and endometrial (uterine lining) cancer. Physical activity improves circulation, reduces high blood pressure, and enhances cognitive function in older people. Regular exercise improves appetite in cancer victims and helps fight the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy. An effective regimen of exercise can also prevent bone loss from osteoporosis, which strengthens the body’s overall health.

 An exercise regimen can begin quite simply with a couple of hours each week of moderate activity, and muscle-strengthening exercise should be performed twice each week. The remaining exercises can be divided into aerobic exercises, stretching and walking activity. If the patient has undergone extreme radiation and chemotherapy on a given day, fatigue may demand rest. Cancer patients should not push themselves too hard, but they should try to exercise on those days when they are not too tired. Walking, running and bicycling provide energy, restore appetite and improve a patient’s mood. The exercise will actually boost overall energy and help fight the side effects of treatment.

 Exercise is also of great benefit to those who have survived cancer. A structured regimen helps solidify the cancer patient’s status as a survivor determined to fight the possibility of recurrence by strengthening the body. Cancer patients may take some convincing because treatment can be exhausting. Patients often feel nothing is under their control, whether they are undergoing skin cancer therapy or a rare mesothelioma treatment. However, exercise is something the patient can control. Patients can take charge of something in their altered lives, and this power often helps marshal the body’s disease-fighting forces.

 A great body of scientific evidence supports the general benefits of exercise to fight many disorders. A Finnish study reported in the British Journal of Sports on July 28, 2009, concluded that 30 minutes of exercise daily cut cancer mortality rates in half. The study followed a group of 2560 people over an 18-year period. Readers can access this study and other confirmations of the health benefits of exercise at the site: Other important scientific confirmation can be found at educational websites such as: Medicine Net and Harvard Studies.

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's not like riding a bike!

Today I decided that I needed to get back into my running routine. No time like the present right? After an Easter break binge of cadbury creme eggs and pepsi, I was determined to head out today and run 3 miles. Of course, I chose the windiest day of the week. After eating left over ham for dinner, I hit the streets. I ran down Harrison street and back. The highlights include feeling like a 200 pound chain smoking woman while huffing it down the street. Apparently, its really not like riding a bike. I havent run since Disney and let me tell you, it showed. I did however complete the task. I made it back up Harrison, running up the steep hill and into the wind. I didnt barf, which is a plus considering all I ate for dinner and I feel more confident about running a race with Tyler this weekend. To be great, you have to put the time in. Training cant be rushed. Lesson learned, miles to go till broad street. Training has started. 
Jac post run 
Tyler post run