Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zombie Jac Runs These Streets

Last night I was chatting with a friend that I've known since elementary school. He told me he saw me running. I asked him how I looked pointing out that I most likely looked like a miserable zombie corpse running the streets. Never one to lie, he of course, said " Ya, you looked like you were dying". CLASSIC. When you are following a training schedule its best to not procrastinate. If you think you cant roll out of bed at 6am try running in 90 degree heat after dinner. NOT FOR ME. I am longing for the base phase of marathon training to be over so I can move forward and only run 4 days a week.  This everyday at 6 am is a killer. Until tomorrow. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heatwave Oi

Today I am slated to run 5 miles. I didn't quite get there this morning. Allow me to explain... I went out and its no shock that even at 6:30 it was a scorcher! I ran for a while then stopped because my calves were bothering me and I had to stretch them. I walked and tried to remember that in time if I kept going they would loosen up. I was back running, feeling better sweating like a wildebeest. I stopped to walk and give my pores which were doing double time in the sweat department a break. The humidity was killer. Just then, while plotting which mailbox I would start running again at, a girl passed me. She wasn't jogging, oh no she was running. FAST. She wasn't sweating like me, she didn't even look to be in any discomfort. I was pissed. Of course, I looked better then her. My hot pink compression socks and matching tank top were no match for her over sized old t shirt and shorts. But I lacked one key element that she had down, SHE WAS RUNNING!~ haha. So, in a rage I sprinted as far and as fast as I could all the way home. I made it home, because there was no way in hell that I was going to die on the streets of Hatfield. At least not today anyway. There is plenty more time for that. I am hitting the gym tonight to run in the ac so I can make it to my 5 miles. Its a shame too, its pretzel day at work and I really wanted to have one. I think I will just eat it for good measure, and make it happen tonight at the gym. Stay cool friends.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Bunnies and Sore Legs The Saga Continues

To be completely honest, I have been very sore lately. So sore in fact that it hurts to move my ragged body up and down the steps. Lets get real, 26 weeks of training for a marathon, is a loooong time. Well, technically its 25 weeks now. This morning marked day 2. The goal was to run 4 miles and the mission was completed with my cousin. We went to our local park at 5:45 this morning and there was one other brave soul walking their dog when we arrived. We warmed up, had time to catch up and then began our run. It was great running with her and having someone to talk to, and of course complain to that I was too sore to continue. But, we didn't stop we kept going amidst the baby rabbits that were at every turn. When I slowed down, she told me to hurry up and all in all we ended up running 4 miles. I have to give a shout out for her sprinting skills, cause she killed it from the playground to the car. You go girl. Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've got 99 problems, but 5 miles aint one

This morning I woke up knowing full well I had to run 5 miles. Now, when it comes to sleep its easy to hit snooze when its Summer and you aren't in the mood to workout. After hitting snooze, three times (yes, it was three) I got up and fell into my running gear. It was about 6:30am and if you run, you know that you cant start much later then that or you will be scorching in the sun towards the end of your run. When I hit the streets, I knew that It wasn't going to be pretty. I haven't run since Saturday at midnight, and my muscles were still screaming. Its been a while since I did a 5 miler around home. I decided to go a new route and it seemed like I had gone further then I actually had. I was outraged when I checked my Nike + and it said I had only gone 2 miles!!! I kept going and eventually made it to my favorite part, the down hill on Fairgrounds road. I passed a man at the bottom who motioned for me to take off my headphones. Not to be rude, I slowed down. He asked me what I did to my knee pointing to my offensive brace in horror. Now, to be clear, it was early, he could have been a killer or a creepster trying to lure me into a van with candy ( which at that point I would have taken and accepted the ride). But chances are I was just creeping myself out and he was a nice walker out for a morning stroll. I answered him with my lame knee ailment and he seemed confused. I didn't want to prolong the creepy interaction and at that very moment I remembered Katherine Switzer. When running coordinators were chasing her for running in a marathon for men only, she just ran like hell and ended up outrunning the people trying to stop her. So, I did the same. I smiled and then I ran as fast as I could. It was a close one. Thank goodness he didn't have candy. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

mind Boggling

There are many things that baffle my mind. For starters, why in the world did I join a gym right next to Burger King? Not only can I see it directly out the window while I am doing squats, but I can also smell the burgers when I leave to go to my car and while I am walking in. Not a good situation. Temptation city if you ask me. Next, on my list of mind boggling items is how pregnant women always seem to beat everyone at races. Its a no fail situation. If your pregnant, you are all business and will inevitably beat more people then you should and make everyone feel terrible about their performance. Its remarkable actually, running for two. Commendable really, but still baffles my mind. If you are running sub 8 minute miles 6-8 months along, you my friend, are a beast. Lastly, Slade Smiley baffles my mind. For those of you who follow Real Housewives of Orange County, I don't mean Gretchen's boyfriend. "Slade" is a made up name given to a local runner who Hans and I run into ( literally) at EVERY race we run. He happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to the OC Slade hence the name. This weekend he reared his ugly head in the city right on boat house row! It never fails, where we are, Slade is. He was flailing his arms and cheering us on this time! Slade is normally stretching his hammies and giving dirty looks to the novice runners around the North Penn area. He is without saying, a nemesis to many. Seeing him made us crack up laughing. I am beginning to think hes my stalker. Tomorrow going for 5, hoping I don't pass any pregnant competitors or Slade at 5 am. I know I wont pass Burger King, cause its about 10 miles from my house. haha

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Midnight Madness 8 miler

last night, my friends and I headed to Philly for a midnight 8 miler race. Its apart of the 20 in 24 series which hosts runners for the entire weekend running in teams and Lone Ranger runs to see how many miles can be run in 24 hours. The series supports the homeless in an effort to get them back on their feet. With glow sticks and tutus we hit Boathouse Row and did an 8 mile loop. Although the weather was nice, it got hot towards the end. While we ran in one direction, the other 24 hour teams ran the opposite way on the path. As we ran we cheered each other on and it was nice to have the support. If it weren't for all the tutu compliments, I would have ripped it off and thrown it in the woods at mile 4. I cant tell you how much love I got for wearing it. " Oh my God, Oh my God, Look out girl in a tutu coming through" or my favorite " Look out, the ballet is coming to Philly nobody even told me, you go ballerina!" Everyone loves a tutu, mainly middle aged men and the occasional bum by the river fishing. Hey, I take whatever compliments I can get! Much love for Philadelphia. xo

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Swaggalicious Birthday/ Heat Wave


This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with my wonderful friends and family. I was showered with amazing running swag. I cant wait to start using it all! I am very proud to report that this weekend is finally the midnight 8 miler and my girls and I have some sick outfits ready. I bought a killer hot pink tutu and a hello kitty tank top. I have a bottle of glow in the dark puff paint and some fab glow bracelets from my best friends. We are ready to glow, uh I mean go. Because of the heat warning and my sleepiness I overslept this morning for my 5 miler. Instead of resting tomorrow I will be running bright and early. Shout out to my amazing cousin Amanda who was up this morning like the beast that she is braving the heat. You go girl. xo
8 miler outfit 

** Due to the 8 miler this week is a modified marathon training schedule week for me but make no mistake friends. We have 26 weeks to go until 26.2 miles are upon us!!!**

Friday, July 8, 2011

No Turning Back. T Minus 2 Days.

Tomorrow is a special day for me because I am turning the big 28. Today I went shopping with my cousin Amanda and we shared running stories, aches and injury updates as well as pure excitement for the training ahead of us. I started thinking about my birthday. When I look back next year I will be able to say that when I was 27 I started running. When I turned 28 I completed a marathon. Its amazing how much you can accomplish in a year. My dream for 28 is to train like Ive never trained before, keep the faith alive and make it to the finish line. As with all things, there will be a constant ebb and flow to the running. Highs that are remarkable and lows that make you want to reconsider why in the world you would ever want to do anything for 26.2 miles. Tomorrow I plan on running in the morning, and going with the flow. Not sure how many miles that will be, but I will be out there. It will be the last run before training starts. No turning back. If you see me, show some love or drive slow next to me with some sweet treats. It is after all, my birthday. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I Know For Sure

Oprah always has a segment in her magazine that talks about things she knows for sure. Today, I would like to recap my run giving you things I know for sure.

 I know for sure that 6 am is early and running at 6 am in the Summer is not for the weak. I also know for sure that I ran over a dead racoon on Koeffel road this morning. Let me reassure you the smell was enough to almost knock my sneakers of my feet and the body parts and teeth were enough to wake me up.  I know for sure that around mile 4 I almost got hit by a car. I also know that there are 3 houses on School Road that have swimming pools. There might be 4, but the fence on that house was too high to climb and I didnt have the time. I know that I spotted a horribly ugly purple elephant lawn ornament right at the exact time that my favorite punjabi song came on. I know for sure now that white noise is that voice inside you telling you that you are tired, you cant make it, you want to walk. I also know that you can squash that voice when you hear it and keep going. Lastly, I know for sure that I ran 7 miles this morning and that earlier in the week I was afraid that I couldn't. I RAN 7 MILES. It feels good.  I know I will be able to run 26.2, FOR SURE. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Luisa, Jackie and Jackie before the pickle.
Happy 4th of July to everyone! I hope everybody is enjoying their weekend. On Saturday Luisa, Jackie and I participated in the Pickle in the Villa Race in Media. It was a great trail run and the hills were killer. Lately, I've been in a bit of a running funk and even at times have been walking while running because I am just too tired to keep going. On Saturday, I finished the race last. Thats right, dead last. I wasnt upset about finishing last, although it is a fear of mine. Well I guess, it was a fear. I had fun while I was running and thats all I really care about. It was my fault my head wasnt in it and I let myself get lazy. I even told the girls, if Hans was there he wouldnt have let that happen. Sometimes I need someone telling me to move it to stay in the game. Running as it would seem is a bit of a mental exercise. Anyway, time is a ticking and the marathon training is on the horizon. I got a pep talk from my cousin and I am ready to move forward. On a happier note, Jackie and Luisa did great and I think they are both excited to do another race. Let me tell you, if you can run that 5 mile trail a 5k on a fast flat course is a breeze! Enjoy the weekend. Look for me on the streets with my water bottle fanny pack this week :) 

** I almost forgot! I have to tell you about the totally sick prizes at the race! JU won a huge jar of pickles for being the most confused pickler! Luisa won a Bon Jovi cassette tape! Luckily, I scored a $15.00 gift certificate to Road ID. Look for luisa's next blog. Word on the street is she took video feed while running! Cant wait to see it **

Pickle Queen

Lord of the Pickle handing out prizes that he found at a garage sale. Hence the Bon Jovi Cassette!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Do what you can when you can.

For some reason, I never seem to remember how much I hate running in the heat. So this morning, I was less than eager to start my run at 10am but hey, I wanted to sleep in. By the time I finished I was overheating and almost passing out. From now on its night running or early morning for me. The heat gets me every time and let me tell you, oatmeal isn't enough to keep you going more then 4 miles in 80+degree heat! Excited for the pickle run tomorrow with the girls! 

*Oh my gosh, almost forgot, I wore my water bottle fanny pack today! I cannot stress how practical it is. Albeit sick, its a good accessory for the heat! I only filled 2 bottles but wished I had filled all 4. Next time, Gadget. Next time.