Monday, June 10, 2013

Babes of the Big Screen

 This morning, I found myself in a serious dilemma. Having to make one of the hardest decisions, in the midst of a very real and pressing issue I called my friend Becky to sort things out. As soon as she answered, we got to talking and I confessed my legitimate concerns over which Hemsworth brother was hotter, Chis or Liam. Now, I know what you are thinking, I am psychotic. That may very well be true, but lets get real. Have you seen Thor? Hes so hot, his younger beefy brother, aka. Gale from Hunger Games / Miley Cyrus' fiance is a hot tamale himself. Does anyone know if Miley is still marrying him?  Every time i try to research it, I get off topic and start drooling on my Macbook looking at half naked pictures of the Hemsworth brothers. Needless to say, we spent a solid 20 minutes debating the issue, then another 10 minutes over breakfast. The consensus? We aren't sure who is hotter, because they both bring a lot to the table. The moral here is that, a beefcake of a man can take a morning of crappy, rain and miserable children to a morning of pure happiness. I now present to you, today's post of  

Beefcakes that make you forget your troubles, oversleeping and crappy hair days.

Try to be miserable while looking at these fine asses, its impossible.

 #1 Liam Hemsworth 

Total babe, and youngest of the 3 brothers.  Also, the hottest on most days.  The Becky / Jackie jury is still out on that one. Either way, he's hot. 

# 2 Chris Hemsworth

MUSCLE MAN. Middle of the three brothers Hemsworth.
Hot. Short hair, long hair, THOR don't care! Total babe. 

 I would like to personally thank their parents for creating these beefcakes and inspiring today's blog!
God Bless You!

#3 Robert Pattinson

I don't care what anyone says, hes hot. 
Hes a vampire and for a Brit he has pretty nice teeth. 
Plus, he put up with Kristin Stewart and shes a real pain in the ass, if he could be with her, we all have a chance. I say were winning here. 

#4 Matthew Mc Conaughay

I know I might get some crap for this one, but he's a mans man with a great body and he also has that southern accent/ drawl to his voice that makes him appealing. Hes also one the of the reasons I love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. 

#5 Zac Efron                                            

Oh to be 17 again. Get it? 17 Again? OK never mind. He's super cute and super gentlemanly. Not to mention the muscles. Love love love him. Also, I googled it and hes over 18 now so its not creepy for me to like him. 

# 6 Ryan Reynolds
He's funny, super cute and super hot. 
Just Friends, still cracks me up. Major eye candy. 

#7 Kurt Russell
80's babe alert!!! Can someone say Overboard? He met Goldie Hawn on the set, and they have been together since. Never married either. Just saying. Hes a hottie. All man ladies. 

#8 Bradley Cooper
Born and raised in Pennsylvania. All charm. He seems like the type who is so kind, he would tell you if you had something stuck between your teeth during a conversation. 

#9 Jake Gyllehall 
 I don't think there's anything to say. He's hot, charming and every gal's dream. 

#10 Ryan Gossling 

Calm, cool and totally fashionable makes for a mega babe. 
Ryan, we salute you!

#11 Leonardo Di Caprio 

You cant pretend you didn't adore this babe growing up. From Basketball Diaries, to The Beach, Titanic, and all that's in between. He has the power to make any crap day better. 

#12 Jason Segal 

I saved this gem for last, because he always puts a smile on my face. I love Jason Segal. He's not the hottest man on the list, but hes tall, funny and did I mention funny. 
A solid 10 on the Smith Scale of Hotness.

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