Sunday, February 3, 2013

Savings: Secret Weapons Part 2

Secret weapons Part 2

Aside from rewards cards, savings can come in many other avenues. Here are some sites for savings, along with things you can afford to save money on by buying generic. 

Sites for savings: 

Groupon, Living Social & Amazon Local 
Use these sites to score the deals of the day to save money on local shopping from restaurants, vacations, services such as hair cuts and goods.

price comparison website to compare prices for items you wish to purchase. Bizrate will generate a list of prices and show you how much said item costs at multiple stores.

3. Retail me not
Coupon codes and savings for retailers. Most coupons are posted from real consumers. They also give you a % of times that the coupon has been used successfully. There is nothing worse than having a bogus coupon code.


Use this website to learn to coupon, combine savings and price match. Lots of tips and ideas for beginners.

5. CamelCamelCamel 

This website is great for big ticket items. After signing up, you type in the brand or type of item you are going to purchase. It brings up the history of selling cost, as well as stores and prices. You can also sign up to have an email sent to you when your coveted item goes on sale! Check this hidden gem out.


This website is awesome, if like me you want to live like Carrie Bradshaw. Simply create an account, and you can set up a delivery date for a particular designer dress. You can also rent accessories such as bags, jewelry, watches and belts. Some designers include, Badgley Mischka, Diane Von Furstenberg,
HERVÉ LÉGENicole Miller ,BCBGMAXAZRIA,D&G by Dolce and Gabbana ,Kate Spade & Vera Wang. Totally worth checking out if you have an event or hot date to attend. 

7. Bill Shrink
This website allows you to enter your current payments for cell phones, and cable and it generates other money saving options. It was featured on CNN as well as ABC.

8. Scoutmob
Utilizes local discounts that you can download directly to your phone. Most are time sensitive. For example, you could get a $10.00 haircut, but the voucher may expire within the day or two days. 

9. LIfesta
This websites buys pre purchased vouchers from Groupon that you may no longer need to use or forgot about. Don't let your money go to waste, re sell your vouchers.

10. I Heart CVS
This website allows you to preview the weekly circular, and also use store coupons with coupons from the Sunday Paper. You will get information on how to accumulate extra bucks and what to buy each week. There are many free items each week if you know the tips and tricks.

Things you should buy generic to save a buck

1. Milk
Cows milk is milk. There are no designer or brand name cows. Unless you have to have organic, or almond milk, buy whats cheap. It basically all the same inside the gallon.

2. Baking Staples
When buying baking soda, flour, and sugar, its OK to go generic. The ingredients are the same for the store brand vs. the name brand. When was the last time someone ate a cupcake and questioned if it was made with store brand flour? You see my point. 

3. Cereal
Hans will attest to this. Its pretty hard to screw up Rice Crispies and Frosted Flakes. Even Cheerios are generally comparative to the store brand. Over all, there isn't much difference if you go generic, except of course, the savings.

4. Bottled Water
Water is water in the area of plain old purified H20. I would prefer you didn't buy water, but just used a reusable bottle instead. But if you are like my mom, and have to have bottles of water around, then buy generic.

5. Aluminum Foil                 
Again, foil is foil. Saran wrap ( plastic wrap) is often another story. If you buy cheap, its harder to get out of the tube and can cause some annoyances.

6. Cleaning Products
Bleach, window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner
All these things have mainly the same ingredients. Check out your brands to see how they compare. 

7. Pain Relievers
Tylenol & Advil can be replaced with store brand. Again, ingredients are comparable. I have never noticed a difference.

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